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The high energy efficiency of our products creates environmental, social and economic benefits.

Commercial Signage

Illuminated Signs

Koledo is dedicated to high quality and environmentally friendly LED (Light Emitting Diodes) solutions for the commercial signage industry. Whether you need an interior loggy sign, illuminated storefront letters, exterior dimensional signage or a monumental sign, we provide the best techniques.

Our dimmable 24V LED modules can be incorporated into all of the above.  Our LED's can also be integrated with DMX computer software for dramatic color changes, brighter or softer illumination and automated on/off settings.


As with lighting, the signage industry evolves quickly with application materials that are available today. Koledo professional services can assist in the design, manufacturing and consulting for LED's in all kinds of signs variing from metal signs, wooden signs, engraved signs, outdoor and indoor signs and more...


Some of our commercial signage applications are:

  • Channel letters illumination
  • Lightbox illumination
  • Dimensional letters illumination
  • Monument sign illumination






Koledo is headquartered at Esp 214 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with primary operations based in i.a. Asia, United States and across all major countries in Europe.