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KOLEDO Special Products & Innovations

Koledo Special Products & Innovations is a young, dynamic company specialized in professional LED lighting solutions. With customers in more than 20 countries, Koledo SP&I has a strong international focus and knows what solutions to keep in mind for the different requirements that apply.

Our customers are leading players in the global market for professional LED lighting projects. Koledo Special Products & Innovations offers a specific and very diverse portfolio, with a focus on customer solutions, not 'just products'. The Koledo Special Products & Innovations products are mostly used in large projects such as shopping malls, retail stores, gas stations, public areas, hotels and area lighting. Solutions like cove lighting, facade illumination, billboards or ceilings and other large surfaces to be illuminated from the inside are known territory for the Koledo Special Products & Innovations team.

The final solutions are often tailor-made for our valued customers. Besides that, delivery of standard items from the Koledo portfolio take place from stock.

The high level of knowledge and the assistance we offer you by acting as your project partner makes the Koledo Special Products & Innovations organization a leader in the professional LED lighting industry.

For more information, please contact sales@koledo.nl 



Koledo is headquartered at Esp 214 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with primary operations based in i.a. Asia, United States and across all major countries in Europe.