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 EBN 2 Inrush Current Protector

  • Limits capacitive inrush currents, prevents relay contracts sticking and increases the number of ECG per cutout by 2.5x
  • Simple installation, Flexible use
  • Easy mounting directly in the control cabinet (DIN rail dimensions)


Modern energy-saving lighting (and almost all electronic power supplies or ballasts) cause high inrush currents up to 100A due to their capacitive switch-on characteristics! These current peaks often result in glued or welded relay contacts.


By using the inrush current limiter, the effort of installation in big systems will be reduced because a higher number of LED drivers per strand and circuit breaker is possible.


The EBN 2 is a rail-mounted inrush current limiter for up to 16A continuous load. 

With the EBN 2 the quantity of LED drivers on a 16A type B circuit breaker can be approximately 2,5x as many compared to an installation without the EBN 2.


Technical data

Operating voltage

230V 50/60 Hz 10 %

Max. switching frequency

6 switching cycles / min

Electrical service life

1 x 105 switching cycles

Ambient temperature

-10°C bis +45°C

Interference immunity

compliant IEC 801-4 level 4

Equipment protection

compliant IEC 0801-5 level 3


compliant VDE 0110 Gr. C/250 V

Insulated housing

Non-flammable acc. to VDE 0304 Part 3, Level FV 0

Color conforming to RAL

Gray 7035 / Green 6029

Power consumption

approx. 0,6 W

Limiting resistor

11.2 Ω

Limiting duration

approx. 70 ms

Max. capacitive load

120 uF direct on mains

240 uF behind rectifier

Max. continuous load

16 A


socket terminals with captive screws M3.5


Click-mount on standard 35-mm rail (EN 50022)

Outside dimensions

18 x 88(45) x 58 mm³


approx. 74 g



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