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So similar, yet so different!
Posterbox 400 versus Posterbox 450

Since the introduction of the new Posterbox modules we are asked many times: "What’s new about the LPM450, it looks identical to the 400 series?” And yes they look similar, but…

…why change a price winning design, that all of our customers like best? It is already strong, robust and sleek! So this time we focused on the inside: We changed the PCB design, enhanced the solder mask, eliminated the industrial 0-10V module and added the PWM dimming module. 

On top if this mayor change we upgraded the high power (2Watt) LEDs to the latest and greatest available Lumileds in the market. We aspire to offer our customers the best and brightest light output possible.

Besides the technical novelties we had a close look at our manufacturing process. We improved the potting drying time and made a few small enhancements in the potting around the end-caps.

All of this to offer you the highest quality products, for a reasonable price.

If you haven’t tried them yet, you don’t know what you missed. But no worries, call or email our Salesdesk@Koledo.nl (031 88 007 1222) and ask two free samples for your own lighting experience.

Your Koledo Team!




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