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Wallwashing with Koledo's Posterbox Products

In partnership with a Dutch based partner Koledo offers a new solution for wallwashing buildings and other structures. 

Since years Koledo manufactures the LPM Posterbox product. This product holds a carefully designed lens which creates a perfect strokelighting effect on surfaces. It’s intended use is inside square frameworks, such as commercial and roadway signs. When correctly mounted inside this kind of structures, the light output creates a perfect homogeneous front illumination.

With this knowledge in mind Koledo’s partner Hekwerkland has developed a high quality (stainless) steel framework which can be mounted recessed and flush inside an indoor/outdoor floor. Inside this structure each version of the LPM posterbox can be mounted. For a perfect finish and additional protection of all parts you’ll find a steel cover, directly below they fitted a glass plate. 

This solution is now available for partners to create a simple, but high quality wallwash effect. Ofcourse can this outdoor solution also be used for indoor projects. 

Contact your sales representative for more detailed information and a custom made price offer.
Salesdesk@Koledo.nl (031 88 007 1222) 




Koledo is headquartered at Esp 214 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with primary operations based in i.a. Asia, United States and across all major countries in Europe.