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Partner Program - Overview

The Koledo professional LED solutions are an excellent basis to a partners' offering around commercial signs, indoor and outdoor, as well as traffic signs and architectural building design. The complexity of designing and implementing LED based commercial signs, traffic signs, illuminated street signs and other commercial signage is our expertise.


Koledo partners are leading value add sign-makers, consultancy firms, lighting consultants firms who offer traffic solutions for sign, parking spaces etc, and distributors of professional LED solutions with a highly qualified practice in indoor signs, outdoor signs, building design, small and large commercial signs. 

The Koledo Partner Program delivers world-class products, reliable technical services, excellent sales support and extensive marketing creativity for our partners to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Together we deliver the best-of-breed professional LED solutions around the world.


The Koledo Partner Program is designed to make it very easy and transparent for partners to work with Koledo. We defined a clear global partner structure to bring our products to market. The program is aimed at helping Koledo partners build and deploy professional LED solutions using Koledo's products, such as the Affinium Posterbox modules and the Affinium LED strings.

Our new Partner Program recognizes four types of qualified, sales-achieving and committed partners in a 3-tier model on a global basis:

Koledo Country Distributor

Value add Distribution of Koledo Solutions to partners

Koledo Alliance Partner

Partner who has a Global Alliance Agreement with Koledo for alle markets global

Koledo Strategic Partner

Partners and manufacturers who use Koledo projects strategicaly in their portfolio

Koledo Premium Partner

Large value added resellers to use Koledo in their end-products


All partners in the new program receive sales and marketing training; Distributors receive more advanced and technology-specific training.

Our new Partner Program is part of Koledo's commitment to use partners as much as possible to sell Koledo's professional LED solutions.


For any questions and a detailed description of the program please feel free to contact us.





Koledo is headquartered at Esp 214 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with primary operations based in i.a. Asia, United States and across all major countries in Europe.