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KOLEDO Professional LED Solutions products can be used directly as facade lighting as they can be used in the signage industry. LightApp, the solution partner of Koledo professional LED Solutions in Turkey, mainly uses Koledo professional LED Solutions in their facade projects to achieve the best result. Nida Tower in Istanbul, is one of their many projects for which they preferred to use the Ambium Slimbright 200 RGB products because of its very good light quality and reliability. Also the customer was expecting a high visibility from various points further away in Istanbul.

In this project, there was already a LED system installed on to the facade but there were some problems with the sustainability of these local manufactured LED systems. Also the customer required a very special greenish blue color which is hard to achieve with a mono-color LED product. Besides the color there was another challenge, which was the height of the building. With a height of 110 meters it is a challenge to solve the data transfer of an RGB controllable system, especially when they tried to fine-tune this to the correct greenish blue color with an RGB system. Another challenge was how to solve the line feedings of LED systems on the facade which they were planning to use.

When Lightapp discussed these challenges with KOLEDO, we offered them to us to use Slimbright 200 RGB LED products. By this way, our customers are able to create the exact color which the end-user requires. Also by using Slimbright 200 RGB,They have a reliable and sustainable system on this high facade. Finally LightApp completed the facade lighting on the two prominent sides of the Nida Tower by using 250 meters of Slimbright 200 RGB LED strings, and Philips 100W 24V DC drivers. To control the RGB colors they used DMX controllers and to prevent delays during light shows, they used special DMX/PWM decoders. By installing the Slimbright 200 in an especially produced extrusion of polycarbonate profile, LightApp made sure that the LEDs are extra protected from the destructive effects of sun and nature.

The most difficult part of this project was arranging the power feeding of the LEDs. By using their installation experience on tall buildings and the various technical advises of Koledo’s Professional Services the installation was safe, quick and easy.

By using KOLEDO products in this project, LightApp achieved an elegant and high quality job in the end. Instead of 2 rows in the cove with the former LED system, they installed just 1 row of Slimbright 200 which gave a better overall light effect. That means that this new system with Slimbrigth 200 is not only more energy efficient then the previous one, but also the purchase and installation costs are more efficient, the product is sustainable and long lasting.




Koledo is headquartered at Esp 214 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with primary operations based in i.a. Asia, United States and across all major countries in Europe.