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Years ago, it was understood that times were changing: Malta had joined the EU and the euro adoption was only a few years away.

The bank’s executive committee spearheaded an ambitious program of change which would ensure that the bank remained relevant to changing lifestyles and the more complex requirements of its customers, local and – increasingly – international.

"As the challenges increased, we started to ask: ‘How are we going to sustain our business model? How are we going to maintain our  marketshares and at the same time grow?’” chief executive officer Charles Borg told staff at the event.

"The answer was relatively simple: we needed to focus our energy on the customer. And so we embarked on an ambitious program of change, which led to the creation of our brand promise, among other things.”

The brand promise was a clear statement of the values which drive everything the bank does: supportiveness, mutuality, long-term, straightforward and efficient, and added value.

With the redesign of the brand including the logo of the bank, all the signs of its 32 branches and various ATMS all over the Maltese islands needed to be replaced by a version which is attractive as well as it is in harmony with the banks new statement of values. The old signs were not illuminated and to attract more attention, the new signs needed to be illuminated from the inside. Preferably by a professional LED system to keep the energy and maintenance costs as low as possible.

Since the signs were designed with a depth of 8cm it is not easy to find a cheap and easy to use LED solution which is giving an even illumination as well as a long life time.

Big Exhibits is Koledo´s local partner in Malta, with their and our knowledge combined, the best solution for these signs was chosen as the LPM404 and LPM406 Posterbox modules.

In a short period of time a total of 32 single sided entrance signs, 83 double sided bus stop signs & 51 single sided ATM signs were produced and installed. The excellent communication between the project leaders of Big Exhibits and Koledo resulted in quick deliveries, perfect illuminated signs and most important: a highly satisfied customer.

By using the LPM40x posterbox modules in their signs, BoV now has a brand identity which is in conformity with their brand promise. It is adding value by being attractive, it will last for over 50.000 hours (long-term) and the use of LED is contributing to being efficient. The mutual support Koledo and Big Exhibits gave to this project paid off as well as straight forward communication which led to a project which was finished within the timeframe.

Quote ``this new visual identity of our brand will accompany us into the future, supporting us to live the philosophy that our customer’s success is our goal.”




Koledo is headquartered at Esp 214 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with primary operations based in i.a. Asia, United States and across all major countries in Europe.