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All three terminals at Prague airport are currently being refurbished and the world’s leading advertising company chose the Koledo LED solution as the best option for all their signs at the airport.

Our local partner, Atlas advertising group, recently completed the installation of the first 20 new mega signs of 8 x 4 meters in Terminal 1.

First of all, signs of such large dimensions require a well-structured framework of multiple reinforcement bars which normally block the light and show dark lines.

Secondly, Atlas needed to produce uniform illuminated signs that would be easy to transport and install. On-time delivery within a tight deadline was also a must.

With the help of the knowledge of Comhan Holland BV and their large collection of aluminium profiles to choose from, Atlas was able to produce larger signs than the competition, which are in turn easy to transport, easy to install, and have the required strength and stability for the installation of LED products.

Combining all this expertise in one solution, Atlas and Vaclav Havel Airport chose to use Koledo’s Affinium Posterbox 400 series in all frames.

Koledo professional services attended an on-the-job training course on how to install the Posterbox products in a complex aluminium profile. Our training helped Atlas to produce and deliver all the signs on time. The Posterbox 400 series module was only installed on the 8 meter long sides of the frame in order to eliminate shadows; the combination of LEDs, the matt white aluminium and the correct quality fabric guaranteed the best uniform result on the planet.

By using the Affinium Posterbox 400 series, Atlas achieved a uniform illuminated sign while using the posterbox modules only on the 2 long sides, saving money and energy.

As Koledo always uses 1 colour-binning of the LEDs on all modules, each sign is illuminated with high uniformity in colour and lighting, which again results in a perfectly illuminated advertisement.




Koledo is headquartered at Esp 214 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with primary operations based in i.a. Asia, United States and across all major countries in Europe.