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Traffic Signage


LED illumination is a great way to bring traffic signs out of the background making them stand out in the eye of the driver. Improved visibility and perception will allow an approaching driver more time to make judgements and reduce indecision times. LED illuminated signs are viewable from a wide approach angle and form all driver positions. In fog or bad weahter these signs shine through and are not affected by dirty headlights, condensation, or dirt and film forming on the sign. Benefits; High visibility, passively safe, secondary illumination, durable, easy to maintain, fully recyclable. 

Several examples of Koledo modules in traffic signage: 

- Subway lighting, 

- Pedestrian Crossing, 

- Traffic delineatord, 

- Interactive signs, 

- Parking Management equipment, 

- Internally illuminated Traffic Signs, 

- Roundable Bollards



Koledo is headquartered at Esp 214 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with primary operations based in i.a. Asia, United States and across all major countries in Europe.