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Resources for our Partners & Customers


Resources for our Suppliers, Partners & Customers including technical specifactions of our products, installation guides, legal documents like T&C's, marketing material and much more.


On this website you will also find Koledo Logo's. Koledo's logos, logotypes, signatures and design marks ("Koledo logos") are valuable assets that Koledo needs to protect. Accordingly, we ask that you follow our guidelines with respect to Koledo logos.


We are expanding our resources page on a weekly basis. If there is a resource you would like to be listed, please let us know.



History of Resources (Web)

WIKIPEDIA: The concept of resource has evolved during the Web history, from the early notion of static addressable documents or files, to a more generic and abstract definition, now encompassing everything or entity that can be identified, named, addressed or handled, in any way whatsoever, in the Web at large, or in any networked information system.





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Koledo is headquartered at Esp 214 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with primary operations based in i.a. Asia, United States and across all major countries in Europe.