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Philips Outdoor LED Drivers



Philips LED Power Drivers have a universal mains input (100-240V) and generate a 24V DC voltage. The LED Power Drivers have an operating life matching that of LEDs. The range consist of a slim 20W version with a plastic housing and 60 and 100W versions with a metal housing. All three types have been tested according IP66.

Philips LED Power Drivers perfectly operate the Koledo LED products.

Excellent reliability

LED Power Drivers last up to 50,000 hours, to take advantage of the long life of LEDs. They come with the Philips electronic ballast guarantee.

Low-temperature performance (-30 - +60 C)

So you can be confident in any outdoor application (tested according IP66).


Hazard-free & universal mains (100-240V)

All major safety requirements (as defined in CE, UL, CSA and VDE) are met. Furthermore all three types come in universal mains, so you can install them in practically any location.

Improved safety

Philips LED Power Drivers generate a limited output voltage and also provide isolation for safe operation (SELV).

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Outdoor led driver

led powerdriver

Typical applications include

  • Channel letter/contour lighting

  • Architectural lighting

  • Retail/theme lighting

  • Orientation lighting

  • Entertainment lighting

  • Emergency and security lighting




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