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Xitanium LED Driver


The Xitanium drivers are designed specifically to optimally high power LEDs. The constant DC current output provides the long life and optimum operation of high power LEDs. Xitanium drivers have an operating life matching that of LEDs. The 25W dimming driver controls the LEDs by pulsing the LEDs on and off in relation with the input voltage for the driver's light regulation circuit. The input voltage for this light regulation circuit varies from 1V to 10V DC: 1V results in a minimum lighting level (5% LED output) and 10V in a maximum (100% LED output). The PMW-frequency is 700Hz (± 10%). Dimming does not affect LED lifetime.The outdoor versions have an IP66 rating.
Xitanium drivers also perfectly operate the LED based
systems including:
  • The LPM400: LED Posterbox modules with high power LEDS. For a uniform illumination of signboxes
  • LED String: a wire connected string of LEDs for safer, more energy efficient signs and architectural effects, Koledo affinium ans Illuminum LED products are state-of-the-art solid-state lighting devices the brightest LEDs on the market in a very compact package. Ideal for high-lumen, products, singnage, architectural and retail projects.

New design opportunities

The Xitanium small, compact size enables you to innovate with new, low-profile fixture designs.


All the major safety requirements (as defined in CE, ENEC, KEMA, and UL) are met, so you can install them in practically any location.

Excellent reliability

Xitanium LED Drivers last up to 50,000 hours, to take advantage of the long life of LEDs.They come with the Philips electronic ballast guarantee. Extensive product portfolio gives you a wide choice. Portfolio consist of in- and outdoor types with power ratings from 12 to 80W, including a 25W for dimming possibilities.


xitanium led driver retail


Improved safety

Xitanium LED Drivers generate a limited output voltage and current and also provide isolation for safe operation. Low-temperature performance (-40°C) So you can be confident in any outdoor application (IP66).


Although optimized for high power LEDs, the Xitanium range of Drivers is also suitable for other LED based systems.

xitanium led driver



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