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Basic LED Posterbox Modules /LPM 400

Beside our world famous Posterbox LPM400 we offer a basic version with all the looks & feels of it bigger brother, at a very competitive price and the quality you are use to. It is a unique low cost system for uniform illumination of light-boxes.


Benefits for end users

  • Optimal representation of corporate identity
  • Savings in energy consumption
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Easy installation and manegement
  • Available in warm white (2700K), neutral white (4000K) and cool white (6300K) and other colors upon request. 


Benefits for signmakers

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Outdoor proof (IP66)
  • Excellent white light intensity and uniformity
  • Optimal for box signs as shallow as 7,5 cm
  • Less material
  • 0-10V dimmable and/ or
  • Dali compatible


Optimal representation of corporate identity

The LPM400 basic enables you to mount uniformly illuminated and attention grabbing signs with a bright light output. Their dedicated design makes them ideal for shallow box depths, where fluorescents can't be used.
They will ensure your box sign stands out from the crowd, even on the busiest high street.



Savings in energy consumption

Savings in energy consumption are substantial. The Basic LPM400 Basic 6W provides an energy reduction of at least 50% compared to a traditional fluorescent lamp of 36 W. That's good for your customers and the environment.



Reduced maintenance costs

As well as immediate energy savings, the high reliability and long lifetime also lead to savings in maintenance costs. Both the Koledo LED posterbox modules and the drivers are maintenance free for up to 50,000 hours, whereas conventional systems often need replacing after just 20,000 hours. Lifetime can easily reach 100.000 hours.



Basic LPM400, 280 x 38 x 15 mm

Lumen output typical

Basic LPM400, 6300K 725Lm
Basic LPM400, 4000K 545Lm
Basic LPM400, 2700K 476Lm

Quick and easy installation

With the Basic LPM400 you can experience all the benefits of the Koledo posterbox range. They are intended for side mounting, but the light is visible at the front. Thanks to special connectors, these posterbox modules are easy to install inside flat, slim or shallow box signs, saving you time and money. The system operates at constant current, making it easy to install.

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Outdoor proof

The Koledo Affinium LED posterbox modules, all drivers and connectors are fully outdoor proof and have an IP66 rating, ensuring high reliability. What's more, a Koledo Basic LPM400 always starts instantly, even at tempratures as low as -20 °C.


Excellent white light intensity and uniformity

The Basic LPM400 sets new standards for high quality rectangular box signs or box displays. Aluminium profiles wash light across your displays using a new Koledo patented  technology that makes optimal use of the light by re-cycling it in the box. The result is a uniform light without the stripes usually associated with fluorescent tubes.



Guaranteed performance

When you install Koledo Basic LED posterbox modules, you have peace of mind with our five-year performance guarantee. This ensures high customer satisfaction together with low service call rates.


Why choose Koledo Basic LED posterbox modules?

  • Ideal for slim, shallow box signs
  • A shallow box means less material and weight
  • Savings in energy and maintenance costs
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable, high-quality brand presentation for your customers
  • 55% more light compared to LPM 300 versions
  • Five-year guarantee on the complete system


Licensed under: patents CN200680037992.9, DE202006020673.6, NL1030161, US6932495 and US7841733; and patent applications EP06812715.8 and NL2000273. Green Signage and Posterbox Module are trademarks of Lux et Libertas BV.





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