Frequently Asked Questions

How many LED power drivers can be attached to one KOLESYS controller?

One single LED power driver is to be connected to a KOLESYS controller.
To increase the power of the controller a higher powered LED power driver is required.

Which connector do I use between the Posterboxes?

Between the posterboxes Outdoor you can use an ELK-902-2 Gel Filled connector or a butt splice red connector. 

Contact our Salesdesk for more information.

Which connector do I use between 220 volts an the driver?

Between 220 volts and the driver you can use a COOLSPLICE connector*. 

The COOLSPLICE connector has article number K293545-2 on the Koledo Price List.

How many Posterboxes can I place on one string?

The maximum load of a Posterbox is 5 amperes. 1 module is 0.75 ampere. In total you can therefore connect 6 modules of 6 LEDs = 36 LEDs to a Posterbox or 9 modules of 4 LEDs.

How do I make a string waterproof?

At the end of the string you can use the END-CAP Green to seal the string watertight. The End-Cap Green has article number K293522-2 on the Koledo Price list. *Only when you use the Xtend and the Coolsplice Connectors you are entitled to 5 years warranty and we guarantee an IP66 quality.

Is the Posterbox dimmable?

The 460 series is PWM dimmable via a PWM controller.

Do I need a driver to dim the Posterbox?

No dimmable driver is required. A standard 24 volt constant voltage Led power Driver is sufficient in combination with a PWM controller. Alternatively you can use the Mean Well PWM dimmable drivers which have been approved by Koledo for this purpose.

Which royalties and patents for signage do I need to pay to Philips when I purchase a Posterbox?

If you want to illuminate a Posterbox from the side and you provide the Posterbox module and the driver as a whole, a signage license must be paid to the Philips patent holder. The costs can be found on the Koledo price list. When you only sell Posterboxes, the license obligation lies with the party that offers the total solution to the customer.

What is the beam angle / light image of the Posterbox?

The lens of the Posterbox consists of two lenses with a 45 and 10 degree light beam. This makes it possible to generously illuminate large areas from the sides.

Can I cut off the cable of the Posterbox?

Yes, that is possible in the measurement that you want.

Can I extend the Posterbox Cable?

Yes, that is possible. To do this, use the AWG Cable with article number K929462603 on the Koledo price list and the Xtend Connector with article number K293521-1 on the Koledo price list.

Can there be an distance between the driver and the Posterboxes?

Yes, this is possible when using a high quality cable with a diameter between 1 and 2.5 mm. We recommend to connect the driver at most a few meters from the Posterbox for the best quality.

Can I mount the Postebox outdoor anywhere?

No, you cannot mount the Posterbox Outdoor everywhere. The application of the Posterbox is solely possible in a screened environment (box, profiles, etc.).

Which connector do I use between the Posteboxes?

You do not need an extra connector between the Posterboxes. The Posterbox Indoor comes with a standard connector that you can use.

How do I connect the driver to the first Posterbox?

For this you can use the Koledo Posterbox Indoor Connector + Cable (M / F). This connector and cable have article number KCOM400006 on the Koledo price list.

How do I mount a Posterbox?

You can mount the Posterbox using the screw-eyes or use a bracket. Pay attention! At the bottom of the box you will find a condensed installation manual.

Where can I find an installation manual for the Posterbox?

There is a condensed installation manual on the boxes. You can download the xtended version on the website.

How many Posterboxes do I need per meter of length?

Maximum of 10 LED points per meter for optimal results. For the best result. When placing several Posterboxes in a row, the heart to heart distance from the lens should remain the same, so install with space, not against each other. For all types of Posterboxes.

How many surfaces should I illuminate?

Our advice is to install a large Posterbox module with two sides opposite to each other Short or long side.

The Posterbox is flickering
  • Is your driver dimensioned? The driver is too small in terms of wattage
  • Check connectors
  • Check connections
  • Replace the flickering Posterbox, is it solved yes / no
  • No, replace the first in the string, no
  • Contact us
Posterboxes are failing

  • Is the power on?
  • Does the driver still work?
  • Is one Posterbox broken in a string or all?
  • In the later please replace the first in the module and try again
  • Contact us

My Posterbox changes color and gives less and less light

Lumen output decreases over time. The Lumen output of the LED is 70% after 50,000 burning hours. After this, the color temperature may change slightly. If you place Posterboxes on high buildings, on highways, radiation ensures that your technical installation is protected against peak voltage and induction. Special power surge modules are available for this.

Which driver should be installed on the LED string 402S and how do I calculate that?

402 S is a constant current product and needs a different type of driver (see our price list)

The 402S LED string does not work

Make sure that the last two wires are interconnected to form a circuit. With a high voltage connector (no plastic) 3m scotch lock or Wago.

When do I use Slimbright?

If you want to illuminate long lines continuously, linear lighting, large areas, for rounded letters. Curved shapes because of its flexible characteristics.

  • Fluorescent tubes in a cove lighting
  • Create contours, streaks of light
  • Store shelves and racks
  • Ceiling elements, ceiling boxes
  • LED walls
  • Where you have little room for fitting
  • Indirect light (not visible)

Is there a difference between the indoor and the outdoor version?

Yes, the indoor version is IP20 or IP21 certified. The outdoor version is IP67 certified. See Wikipedia to learn the difference in classification.

IP21 is standard equipped with 3m double-sided tape (simple assembly)

Standard length is 5 meters on 1 roll for all versions

IP67 outdoor is also available in 1 meter pieces

IP67: We recommend the accessory kit that contains mounting bridges and 5 End-Cap pieces

Why use an end cap?

You can trim the Slimbright to the desired length. To achieve waterproofness, place the end cap with the transparent kit (Lock Tight kit Henkel advice).

Can I adjust Slimbright to length?

You can connect as many modules of two Slimbrights as possible to a maximum of 10 meters on 1 driver. After 10 meters a lumen drop is created. SlimBright can be cut off / adjusted to length every 12.5 cm and can be used once. Keep this in mind in your calculation. Consider a lot of cutting loss.

Can I Interconnect them again?

Yes, you can connect the single IP20 versions with the correct connectors (article number KACC ec accessories).

IP21 and IP67 have standard 24V wiring on both sides. When you cut them, you only have one side of wiring, so you cannot loop through them anymore. IP20 and IP67 have Polyurethane coating. This is tested and certified by Philips innovations centers. See report

Can IP21 and IP67 be connected together?

Yes, with a Telsplice driver to the Slimbright.

Is Slimbright dimmable?

Yes, by PWM.

Option 1: controller + remote control mono-color version or for RGB KCONON2r0000 controllers. Perfect for standalone solution.

Option 2: integrated in Dali system building management system / hotel link to checkbox Additional drivers and dimmable drivers.

Is Flexline dimmable?

Yes, Flexline is dimmable