KOLEDO is a Dutch scale-up company from Eindhoven managed by Luc Pennings and Frederique Merkelbach. Specialized in design, manufacturing  and sales of professional LED (light-emitting diode) solutions primarily line and surface lighting. Originally KOLEDO was a carve-out from the Philips signage department, owned by three entrepreneurs from Eindhoven. At the end of 2014 they decided to dissolve the company. In January 2015 Luc, acquired the assets and company name and evolved the product portfolio from signage lighting to line- and surface lighting. With a single slogan in mind: “LED’s go for it!”. All this with a focus on Retail and Architectural design. From restaurants, to hotels, to shopping malls, indoor- as well as outdoor. It all started with the PSV Stadium in Eindhoven where we were given the opportunity to illuminate the dressing room, bar, toilets and stadium sign. At KOLEDO we design and manufacture our products with OEM manufacturing partners in Poland and Shenzhen and distribute globally through our logistic partner DSV.

Today we are active in different projects with lighting designers and consultants in 12 different countries around the world. Our objective is to make a high standard, European quality product for a reasonable price. LED’s reduce Co2 and light up the environment. We envision making a difference in the quality of light, the lifespan of the luminaires and lighting the way to a better world. We like to make a modest contribution to tackle climate change. We are fascinated by light and lighting design. LED’s give us the possibility to change dull and dark buildings into beautiful architectural pieces of art. The application of LED lighting is infinite, it is digital and can be computer controlled by various lighting systems. The flexibility of design has already changed many interiors. Where you used to have a bulb with a nice lampshade, you now have organic curves and circles of light.

Recently we moved to Microlab. For the first five years we were based at an industrial park in Eindhoven. We noticed the same people pass our office every day around lunch making their 30 minutes tour around the park. Not a very creative and inspiring environment.

Did you know: 

- Round shapes and curves suggest positive emotions and a feeling of infinity;

- Squares, rectangles and triangles suggest efficiency and strength;

- Human Centric Lighting is a type of lighting that can benefit the biological emotional health or wellbeing of people created with different color LEDs.

In our daily work we change grey buildings into pieces of art, hence the reason why we decided to change from this dull and grey environment to the inspiring offices of Microlab at Strijp-S. We are positively surprised by the hard working and friendly makers, creators  and innovators we meet at Microlab. A positive and inspirational environment to scale-up KOLEDO with an amazing team.

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