End of last year KOLEDO introduced Pacifium® to its large choice of quality LEDStrips, ideal for cove- and line-lighting.

Our Pacifium® brand covers all of our products that originate from high quality, European controlled, Asia Pacific products. Each product and component we use, is carefully selected according to our high standards. The best possible price / performance for applications where 36.000 hrs warranty is enough. For 70.000 hrs warranty we offer the Ambium® Slimbright products.

LEDstrips are technically interesting products, they all look-a-like from the outside, but are totally different from the inside. They all light-up equally at the beginning, but cheaper LED chips deteriorate faster then more premium LED chips. i.e. Lumileds still have 95%+ lumen after 10.000 hours and a good Epistar has 95% lumen after 6.000 hours. It al depends on the quality of all components and the different parts use to produce the LED.

When you buy a LEDStrip do you know the thickness of the copper in the LEDStrip PCB? Do you know the quantity and weight of the copper in your strip? Do you know the tolerance of the resistors used in the LEDStrip you buy? Do you know the manufacturer of the LED chip and LED package used for your LEDstrip?

More than 50% of all Chinese LEDStrip use Epistar LED chip, but also very important is the LED package and phosphor / epoxy or silicon cover. Without heatsink leds won’t last a minute. Although Epistar is a Taiwanese brand, it is owned for a big part by Sanan, a Chinese LED Chip manufacturer. Everybody claims to use Epistar, but Epistar is not a LED, they are all from different origin. The quality depends very much on the package, heatsink and phosphor / epoxy. Epistar packaged LEDs from Taiwan are better quality and longer lasting then Epistar packaged LEDs from China manufacturing. With the naked eye you are not able to see the difference between different brands LEDStrip. Do you really believe your Chinese supplier on his word? At KOLEDO we use a full materials declaration tool to keep up-to-date with new substance regulations around the world.

Do you require affordable, good quality LED strips for your line and cove lighting KOLEDO Pacifium® is your brand. If you like to receive more information about our Pacifium®products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your KOLEDO Team